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Ontario has recently moved into the Voluntary Stage of the Water Conservation Plan. The Voluntary Stage water use restrictions can be found in the Drought Updates section. Please visit the Programs and Rebates section of the website for more information on the water saving programs available to residents and businesses.        

 For questions, contact us at  waterwise@ontarioca.gov




Can OMUC customers still water their trees?

Yes, trees provide multiple benefits to the community and environment. Trees should be irrigated appropriately to meet their water needs.

Where can I report water waste?

If you spot water runoff or other water waste, you may report it through the online form. Please make sure to provide exact address and identify the water waste issue.

Are there any non-permitted days for watering turf and other plants?

Ontario residents are encouraged to apply water to their landscape no more than every other day. Watering should take place before 9 am or after 4 pm.

Are there are any rebate programs available for removing turf and replacing it with drought-tolerant plants?

The Turf Replacement Rebate is currently a rebate available for removing turf and replacing with drought tolerant plants. You can find out more information about this program by visiting the programs and rebate section of the website.

Is there a rebate available for replacing live turf with artificial turf?

There is no rebate available for artificial turf. The Turf Replacement Rebate is available for replacing turf with drought tolerant plants.

Am I allowed to wash my car?

Under the current water restrictions, you are encouraged to wash your vehicles with an automatic shut off nozzle on the hose. Taking your car to the carwash is a much more efficient use of water and reduces the amount of run-off produced.

Where can I get free mulch?

The City of Ontario holds two mulch giveaways a year, please call (909)395-2633 for more information. In addition, the Waterwise Community Center gives away free mulch twice a month.

Where does the City of Ontario get its water from?

Ontario’s water supply sources are comprised of imported surface water, groundwater, and recycled water. The City purchases locally treated State Water Project imported water directly from the Water Facilities Authority (WFA), which purchases it from the Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA).  IEUA is the region's imported water wholesaler, supplied by the Metropolitan Water District (MWD), and the local wastewater treatment agency.  A portion of Ontario's surface water is also supplied by the San Antonio Water Company (SAWCo).

Groundwater supplies are produced by City-owned groundwater wells and purchased from the Chino Basin Desalter Authority (CDA). The City purchases recycled water from IEUA for direct use in agricultural and residential/commercial irrigation as well as groundwater recharge.

The City of Ontario has invested significantly in local groundwater and recycled water infrastructure to become less dependent on imported water from MWD via IEUA.  Currently, the majority of Ontario's water demands are met by local groundwater and recycled water supplies. 

Water Saving Tips
  • Install Aerators on Bathroom Faucets
  • Saves 1.2 Gallons per Person/Day
  • Install a High-Efficiency Toilet (1.28 Gallon per flush
  • Saves 13 Gallons per Person/Day
  • Install Efficient Shower Heads (2 Gallons per minute)
  • Saves 1.2 Gallons per minute 
  • Turn off Water When Brushing Teeth or Shaving
  • Saves 10 Gallons per Person/Day
  • Fix Leaky Toilets
  • Saves 30-50 Gallons per day/toilet
  • Wash Only Full Loads of Clothes
  • Saves 15-45 Gallons per load
  • Take 5 Minute Showers Instead of 10 Minute Showers
  • Saves 10 Gallons (with a water-efficient showerhead)
  • Check for Broken Sprinklers and Leaks
  • Saves up to 200 Gallons per day
  • Cut Back Irrigation Times
  • Saves 3-15 Gallons per minute per sprinkler head
  • Skip a Day of Watering
  • Saves up to 250 gallons per week
Resource Links

General Water Conservation Information

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Chino Basin Water Conservation District

Be WaterWise Watering Calculator

How to Landscape the WaterWise Way

Be WaterWise Landscaping


Free resource for planning a drought tolerant garden with plant pictures,  garden styles and plant lists.

Educator Resources
  • Classroom visits and free water conservation classroom presentations are available to classrooms within the OMUC service area. Please call 909-395-2614 or send an email to WaterWise@ontarioca.gov for more information.
  • The Inland Empire Utilities Agency Education (IEUA) offers free fieldtrips and educational assemblies for schools in their service area. Please visit ieua.org/ to learn about the programs available through IEUA.
  • The Waterwise Community Center offers free fieldtrips to classrooms. Please visit cbwcd.org for more information.
  • The Water Education/Water Awareness Committee offers scholarships and grants for teachers. Please visit www.usewaterwisely.com for more information.



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