PARTNERSHIPS.  These arrangements involve the City and other public, quasi-public or private entities in carrying out The Ontario Plan.  The City may have differing degrees of control over the endeavors, depending on how they are structured.  They entail cultivating cooperative responsibilities so that City costs are commensurate with benefits realized and risks taken.

MASTER PLANS.  Five to ten year programs or strategies addressing the implementation of policies to achieve attainment of goals, in alignment with The Ontario Plan’s components.  These entail master plans for physical development (Capital Improvement Program, Streetscape Master Plan) as well as service delivery (Recreation Master Plan).

CITY INITIATIVES.  These are one-time efforts that enable the City to improve its operations, processes, procedures or capabilities.  They typically involve creating or significantly overhauling something that will be completed within a fixed period of time.

OPERATIONAL PROGRAMS.  These are the ongoing actions and activities performed by the City in delivering services to the people of Ontario.  They are performed under a municipal culture dedicated to implementation of The Ontario Plan and achieving the Ontario Vision.  Many are conducted under strong state of federal legislative guidance and are undertaken in compliance with these laws in ways that contribute optimally to Ontario’s priorities.

DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS.  The guidance and review of proposed development projects constitute the most significant means of shaping the City’s physical development and economic potential.  The vast majority are private projects, although some fall under the auspices of other governments or non-profit organizations.  While the City may promote and seek certain kinds of development, the initiative usually lies with project proponents.

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