Water Conservation

Ontario WaterWise

The following are examples of the cities efforts to conserve our most precious resource, WATER. With in house designs and installations, the City of Ontario is saving water today and for tomorrows future.



60 FWY and Euclid Avenue Underpass

As the gateway to the city, this conservation garden educates our residents on how different types of California Friendly plants and materials can be used to create a natural, healthy-looking landscape. After reducing 9,680 square feet of turf, the city has seen a savings of 369,512 gallons of water per year. 

De Anza Park

After reducing 9,050 square feet of unused turf and installing synthetic turf and California friendly plants, the De Anza Teen Center has become a staple for the City's water conservation efforts. Annual savings of 552,772 gallons can supplement 6 families of four with water each year. 

Bon View Park

Being one of the many beautiful parks located within the city, Bon View Park is a prime example of how water conservation is incorporated into the publics' everyday life. With a new garden path throughout the west side of the park, and a dry river bed was created to provide natural drainage path and to aid sustainability measures while creating a natural look. After reducing 13,259 square feet of unused turf, the City will save 816,816 gallons of water, which can supplement 9 family of four households with water each year. 

Stop by our sites and facilities to appreciate the City of Ontario's efforts in water conservation and stay tuned for future projects that will be taking place in the next fiscal year.

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