Advanced Planning

The Advanced Planning Division addresses matters concerning the quality of life, growth and the environment. Advanced Planning supports ongoing land development activities by conducting special long-range studies, as well as in-depth investigations and analyses of planning issues that affect the City and region.

The Division coordinates with state and regional agencies and local partners to further Ontario’s vision of a Complete Community; maintains and updates the Policy Plan (General Plan) section of The Ontario Plan in conformance with State law; manages the Healthy Ontario Program and Collaborative Partnership; implements the City’s Historic Preservation Program; and conducts meetings and activities of the Historic Preservation Subcommittee of the Planning Commission

General Plan Information

For full general plan information, visit The Ontario Plan website.

Downloadable Files

Planning and Environmental Law

State of California CEQA Guidelines CEQA Guidelines, published by the Office of Planning Research, provides guidance for implementing the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). CEQA was modeled after the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and enacted in 1970. CEQA provides a process for determining a project's potential effect on the environment and developing measures to minimize those effects. CEQA applies to all discretionary county, and local agencies unless an exemption applies.

City of Ontario 2019 CEQA Guidelines, provides guidance for implementing the California Environmental Quality Act and includes text, charts, and forms.

Section 106 Guidelines  
Protecting Historic Properties: A Citizen's Guide to Section 106 Review, published by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, provides guidance for implementing Section 106. Section 106 is a federal law that addresses historic preservation and applies to all projects that include federal funds or federal permits.

California Planning, Zoning and Development Laws, published by the Office of Planning Research, is an important tool to help land use professionals keep abreast of ever-changing land use laws and regulations. 

Tribal Consultation Guidelines, published by the Office of Planning Research, provides guidance to cities and counties on the Native American Indian tribes consultation process that is required during adoption or amendment of local general plans or specific plans, in accordance with the statutory requirements of Senate Bill 18 (Chapter 905, Statutes of 2004) 

Air Quality and Land Use Handbook: A Community Health Perspective, published by the California Air Resources Board, was prepared to give local agencies guidance in land use planning and siting of new sensitive land uses that reduces the potential health risk associated with air pollution.

Downloadable Files