Recreation & Parks Master Plan

About The Master Plan

The Ontario Recreation & Community Services Department offers a dynamic range of recreation and community services, programs, and events.  These services range from tots to seniors and provide an array of classes and programs for residents to participate in throughout the seven community centers and 35 parks found throughout the City.  The Department is dedicated to providing high-quality and well-balanced recreation facilities for current and future generations, which is the impetus for the Ontario Recreation & Parks Master Plan. 

The Master Plan is a comprehensive planning effort that provides a vision for the Recreation & Community Services and Parks Departments for the next decade.  The Master Plan process has provided a clear set of goals for infrastructure and program improvements to create a premier recreation and parks system in the City.  This Master Plan also outlines short, mid, and long-term recommendations in the areas of capital improvement plans; financial strategy plans; prioritization of proposed recommendations; park branding, signage, and placemaking; and improvements to the trail network. 

Planning for parks and open space is more important than ever as Ontario continues to experience rapid population and employment growth, social and demographic changes, and residential development.  Parks, trails, and recreation facilities will play a critical role in maintaining a healthy well-being balance for the growing population.  The Department recognizes that these facilities will allow residents to experience their neighborhoods, culture, and city-at-large in meaningful and healthy manners. 


In summary, this comprehensive Master Plan outlines the following priorities and recommendations for the City:

  • Maximize active park acreage on city-owned land by adding park amenities to opportunity areas.
  • Implement joint-use agreements with school districts for use of amenities such as fields, courts, and walking/running tracks on school sites.
  • Continue to work with developers on providing infill parks for future populations.
  • Consider other park types such as linear parks when determining deficiencies in certain areas. 
  • Consider non-Ontario parks and programs in determining population-based demand and requirements.
  • Focus should be given to preschool programming, youth activities, swim lessons, and senior wellness activities. 
  • Programs that are in high demand should be expanded while programs that have lower participation and service a narrower target market segment should be divested from.
  • Demand for adult sports may be met through partnerships with existing providers or the City could provide programs for adults not offered by private providers. 
  • Continue to enable the Teen Action Committee and shape youth programming
  • Consider developing a walking/hiking/bicycling program that aims to increase awareness of programs, parks, trails, routes, and parks' amenities. 

Recreation & Community Services staff, along with the Recreation & Parks Commission will be working closely together over the years to ensure the successful implementation of the Ontario Recreation & Parks Master Plan for the residents of Ontario. 

For more information, please contact the
Recreation & Community Services Department at or call (909) 395-2020.

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