A Message from Ontario Municipal Utilities Company and the Public Works Agency

The safety and well-being of our staff and our community is our highest priority. In response to evolving information of the spread of COVID-19, Ontario Public Works & OMUC is implementing decisive measures to help prevent the spread of the virus and to protect the health and safety of all.  The City of Ontario is operating to provide essential services in compliance with the stay at home recommendations.  

Essential Ontario Public Works & OMUC services include providing clean, safe drinking water; assuring safe public sewer systems and treatment; picking up trash; keeping streets and signals functioning properly for safe transportation; and supporting public safety in emergencies. During this time, Utility Services representatives are continuing to provide core assistance with payments and billing.  On March 18, the City of Ontario suspended utility shut-offs, penalties and late-fees. Should you need further assistance, please call (909) 395-2050.

Your City’s utility agency, OMUC, would like to also assure the community that the water remains safe to drink and meets all water quality standards set by regulatory agencies.  COVID-19 has no impact on the quality or supply of your tap water.  OMUC uses conventional water treatment methods to ensure customers receive safe and reliable water. The treatment process physically removes, disinfects and/or chemically inactivates viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms.  Your water is detailed in the Water Quality Report, and can be found here

Please help us and protect your neighborhoods.  Practicing good hygiene and keeping surfaces clean is essential now more than ever. BUT, if you are using baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, paper towels or anything that isn’t actual toilet paper, they must go directly into the trash when you’re done. Even if a product says ‘flushable’ on the label, don't do it.

Only toilet paper is designed to break down in the wastewater system. Wipes and other products clog pipes and pumps as well as increase maintenance needs and can lead to sewer backups and other environmental and health concerns.

With consumers buying up products as alternatives to toilet paper, your Ontario Utility and Public Works Department, along with other wastewater treatment providers around the country, are bracing for the potential major sewage blockages and possible overflows that could follow. Please help avoid problems here by heeding this warning now and share this message with friends and family. If it's not toilet paper, put it in the trash, not the toilet.

The City of Ontario will continue to pick up your trash as scheduled.  Residents are being encouraged to put all hygiene, disinfectant and medical items, such as gloves and wipes in bags prior to being thrown in the trash. Recycling, however, should never be put into plastic bags. Clean, dry and empty recyclables should go directly into the appropriate recycle cart.

For further information on your trash pick-ups, recycling or hazardous waste, please call (909) 395-2600. 

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