Ontario’s Budget Balanced on Strategic Goals

As we move forward and complete the first quarter of the 2019-20 budget, the City remains fiscally strong.  This past June the Mayor and City Council approved its operating budget for the City of Ontario and the Ontario Housing Authority for Fiscal Year 2019-20. 

The overall budget of $633,915,665 maintains funding to support municipal services such as police, fire, public works, parks, and libraries.  Furthermore, no reserves were needed to balance the budget. 

The 2019-20 Operating Budget is consistent with the Mayor and City Council’s Strategic Goals:Invest in the Growth and Evolution of the City’s Economy

  • Maintain the Current High Level of Public SafetyOperate in a Businesslike Manner
  • Pursue City’s Goals and Objectives by Working with Other Governmental Agencies
  • Focus Resources in Ontario’s Commercial and Residential Neighborhoods
  • Invest in the City’s Infrastructure (Water, Streets, Sewers, Parks, Storm Drains and Public Facilities)
  • Encourage, Provide or Support Enhanced Recreational, Educational, Cultural and Healthy City Programs, Policies and Activities
  • Ensure the Development of a Well Planned, Balanced, and Self-Sustaining Community in Ontario Ranch 

The Fiscal Year 2019-20 Operating Budget includes General Fund Revenues of $273,237,994 and reflects an increase of 8.4 percent when compared to Fiscal Year 2018-19 Adopted Budget.  

Ontario’s vibrant economy is reflected by the 11,000 businesses that employ 119,425 workers.  The median income for Ontario residents is now $60,000 annually, and unemployment is at a low of 3.4%.  Furthering Ontario’s strength is reflected in new auto dealers that have opened at Meredith International Centre, the continued growth at the Ontario Mills Mall, significant successes at the Ontario International Airport, and the construction of the first retail center in Ontario Ranch at New Haven. 

Ontario’s strong economic future is represented in the Ontario Ranch which has been ranked as the No. 8 master-planned community in the U.S.  Affordable housing in and around the downtown, to market-rate housing in the northeast part of town, is making Ontario’s geographic location a strategic advantage for many. Click HERE to see more information on affordable housing.

What are the Ontario residents going to see come to fruition this fiscal year?

  • The Ontario City Library will be rolling out an Early Literacy Campaign to address the needs of the community in partnering with Ontario area school districts.
  • Recreation & Community Services has launched a mentorship program through the Ontario Youth Activities League to pair middle school-aged youth with mentors in the community centered on activities and excursions.
  • The establishment, as part of the Transformative Climate Communities Grant, of a Satellite Workforce Services Office in the Ovitt Library to provide job training and placement assistance for Ontario residents.
  • Participation in the planning for the construction of an Ontario Campus on Euclid Avenue with Chaffey College.
  • A new Community Benefits District to promote property ownership participation in the improvement of Downtown Euclid.
  • Over $109 million of investments alongside private/non-profit developers for New Affordable Housing. Two new rental housing projects, Emporia Place and Vista Verde Apartments, are expected to be completed by Fall 2020.
  • The construction of a New Fire Station No. 9 to support the continued growth and development in the Ontario Ranch area.
  • The replacement of one Police Helicopter to provide citywide aerial protection with up-to-date law enforcement air support technology.
  • Construction to start in January 2020 for the SR-60 Freeway and Archibald Avenue Improvement Project. The $18.5 million project consists of widening Archibald Avenue under the SR-60 Freeway for the relief of traffic congestion.
  • Utilizing various funding sources, including SB 1 funds, $7.7 million for street pavement rehabilitation and traffic signage projects to ensure city streets are of the highest possible quality.

The City of Ontario strives to meet the goals set forth by the City Council and respond to the needs of its residents.  Go to the 2019 Resident Satisfaction Survey for more information on how the city works to understand the pulse of its residents.

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