The City of Ontario has multiple options when it comes to transportation. Some of our new programs include: Get Around Ontario, our Active Transportation master plan; Go Ontario - our new e-scooter pilot program; and Multimodal Transportation Center Project, a Caltrans grant awarded to the City of Ontario. Read more about these exciting programs below!

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Multimodal Transportation Center

The City hosted a virtual community workshop on Wednesday, May 12 to get input about site selection options for the Multimodal Transportation Center Study.

Please provide your comments as part of the workshop's online platform HERE

Contact the Ontario MTC Project Team at

Take the Community Survey Questionnaire HERE

The City received a Caltrans Sustainable Communities grant to prepare a Multimodal Transportation Center Needs Assessment and Siting Criteria Project (MTC).  The MTC will determine the best location for a Multimodal Transportation Center to be sited on or near the Ontario International Airport.  It will address existing and potential future modes of transportation (such as bus, light rail, heavy rail, bicycle, ride share, etc.) that might serve the Ontario area.  The MTC will result in a selection of the most suitable site for the future development of a Multimodal Transportation Center that will serve the anticipated growth of the airport, the community and sub-region.   The project will result in a short-term (a 10 year horizon) and long-term (20+ years) concept plans.

A consultant team (Gruen Associates, KOA Corporation and Leslie Scott Consulting have been selected to lead this project. Contact the Ontario MTC Project Team at

Get Around Ontario: Active Transportation Master Plan

Check out our Online Mapping Tool!

Project Overview

The Ontario Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP) is a citywide effort aimed at improving pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-related safety, accessibility, and connectivity to destinations throughout the city and beyond.

Goals and Objectives

  • Engage Ontario community members, local businesses, and adjacent cities and jurisdictions in the plan-making process
  • Collect and analyze data to understand the project’s context
  • Evaluate and forecast demand for active transportation options
  • Develop Safe Routes to School (SRTS), pedestrian, and bicycle improvement recommendations
  • Produce Ontario Active Transportation Master Plan

How You Can Participate

  • Community Events and Meetings: Attend community events and meetings to give your ideas on improving pedestrian, bicycle, and transit accessibility and connectivity.
  • Walking Safety Assessments: Join the Ontario ATMP team for a walk around a public school near you to identify safety concerns.
GO! Ontario: Micro Mobility Program

"Micro mobility” refers to small transportation devices such as bikes, e-scooters, and e-bikes. The City of Ontario will be starting a pilot program with shareable electric scooters (e-scooters). These scooters will be available in Downtown Ontario this summer. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!  

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