How we care for City of Ontario employees!

You and your family are important to the City of Ontario. Our benefit programs are designed to support you and your loved ones through life's transitions and stages. The City offers medical, dental, vision, Flexible Spending, life insurance, retirement plan savings and so much more!

Please refer to the 2023 Benefits Brochures for each group for specific benefits provided through the City of Ontario.



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Required Information

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Labor Group Information

Benefits information specific to each labor group is included in the below brochures. Please ensure that you are reviewing the brochure applicable to you and your position as you make your healthcare decisions. The labor group(s) for the City's classifications are included on the City's Salary Schedule.


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Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • In accordance with applicable MOU provisions, the City of Ontario offers its employees a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program. This program allows you to pay for out of pocket health/medical expenses and dependent care (Day Care) with pre-tax dollars. Participants must designate the FSA election amount for the 2023 calendar year during this Open Enrollment period. This amount is deducted from your paycheck in equal installments on a pre-tax basis and credited to your FSA account(s). Our third party administrator, Benefit Coordinators Corporation (BCC), will reimburse you through direct deposit or by mailing you a check. You do not pay federal, state income tax or Social Security on FSA expenses. 

    The Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) limit is $3,050 per the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) maximum allowed limit. In addition, the IRS allows a rollover for up to $610. 

    When you enroll in FSA you will receive an FSA Debit Card to use for your eligible medical and dependent care expenses. Your debit card will reflect the plan year contribution amount and the new effective date of the plan. As you incur expenses, use your FSA Debit Card to have the funds taken directly out of your account so you don’t have to pay with cash out of your pocket.

    Federal law prohibits any change in your FSA during the calendar year unless you or your dependent(s) have a qualifying "life event". A qualifying "life event" is marriage, divorce or legal separation, birth or adoption or a dependent, death of a dependent, or a change in your or your spouse's employment status. In addition, the FSA change must be due to and consistent with the "life event" which permits the change. For example, an increase in FSA contribution would be consistent with the birth or adoption of a child; a decrease in contribution may not. 

    CAUTION: When estimating your annual expenses, consider only those that you are reasonably certain to incur. Any amount left in your FSA at the end of the year is forfeited. The account is left open for claims until March 31st of the following year, but expenses must be incurred in the same calendar year in which the payroll deduction occurred. 



    Eligible expenses include health-related expenses not covered by your health plan(s) or reimbursed from any other source, for you or any of your dependents (as defined by IRS regulations). As you incur eligible expenses, you are reimbursed up to the amount of your annual election. The maximum amount allowed is $3,050. 

    An IRS ruling established that over-the-counter drugs and medicines are no longer allowed to be paid for with pre-tax dollars through FSA. 

    Health Insurance Premiums are not eligible for FSA Health Care reimbursement. Payroll deductions for the City's group health plans are already made on a pre-tax basis. Therefore, the premiums you pay cannot be reimbursed from your FSA account or deducted on your personal income tax return.


    Eligible expenses include babysitter, companion or day-care expenses necessary so that you can work; if you are married, the expenses must be necessary so that both you and your spouse can work. As you incur eligible expenses, you are reimbursed for the amount of expenses, up to the balance in your FSA account. Employees may select up to a maximum amount of $5,000 per plan year. 

    For "child care" the maximum age for dependent children (as defined by the IRS regulations) is age 13 unless the dependent is physically or mentally unable to care of himself or herself. The dependent must spend at least eight hours per day in your home. "Overnight Camp" expenses are specifically not eligible. 

    Dependent Care is not restricted to "childcare". Expenses you incur to provide companion or day-care expenses to any individual who qualifies as a dependent for IRS purposes can be reimbursed in the FSA program. Generally, any individual who is related to you, your spouse, is unmarried, is a US citizen or resident alien, and is dependent upon you for more than half of their total support can qualify as a "dependent" for purposes of this program. Thus, expenses you incur to provide "day-care" for a parent may be eligible expenses under the FSA program. Check with your tax advisor for specific advice. 

    According to the terms of the Family Support Act of 1988, there are two tax benefits available for dependent care expenses: a tax credit on your tax return, or income exclusion under an employer-sponsored spending account (FSA). Any expenses reimbursed through an FSA reduce, dollar-for-dollar, the maximum tax credit. This law restricts you to using one or other, but not both. You should consult a tax advisor for an evaluation of your specific circumstances prior to selecting a method for dependent care expense credit. 

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Dental Benefits

Delta Dental Insurance

There are three dental plan options through Delta Dental Insurance. When it comes to dental plans, you want to select a plan with benefits that fit the needs of you and your family. Delta Dental's PPO and DHMO plans offer comprehensive dental coverage while retaining quality care and excellent customer service, each plan has its own advantages.

Delta Dental PPO is a Preferred Provider Organization plan that gives you the freedom to visit any licensed dentist, anywhere in the world. To provide the lowest out-of-pocket cost however, you are encouraged to seek care from a PPO network dentist. A second option PPO is Delta Dental PPO Buy Up which excludes diagnostic and preventative care from the $1,500 yearly maximum, allowing a greater benefit level for other basic and major services.

DeltaCare DHMO (also referred to as PMI or DHMO) offers cost-effective, comprehensive benefits through an established HMO network. To provide the lowest out-of-pocket cost, the plan requires enrollees to select a participating dentist within in the DeltaCare DHMO network. There are no maximums on general services when you are covered by the DeltaCare DHMO plan.

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Medical Benefits

CalPERS Basic Health Plans

Deciding on a health plan for you and your family can seem challenging and difficult. There are significant differences between HMOs and PPOs, and knowing those differences can make your decision a little easier. For a full listing of health plan options, refer to the Health Benefit Program Guide provided by CalPERS.

For a side-by-side comparison of available medical plans please refer to page 16 of the 2023 Health Benefit Summary.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

HMOs offer members a range of health benefits, including preventive care. The HMO will give you a list of doctors from which you select a primary care provider (PCP). Your PCP coordinates your care, including referrals to specialists. Other than applicable co-payments, you pay no additional costs when you receive pre-authorized services from the HMO's contracted providers. If you obtain care outside the HMO's provider network without a referral from the health plan, you will be responsible for the total cost of services, except for emergency and urgent care.

Kaiser Permanente CA (Kaiser)

Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem HMO Select, Anthem HMO Traditional)

Blue Shield (Blue Shield Access+ HMO, Blue Shield Trio HMO)

Health Net (Health Net Salud y Mas, Health Net SmartCare)

Sharp Health Plan (Sharp)

United Healthcare (United Healthcare Signature Value Alliance, United Healthcare Signature Value Harmony)

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Unlike an HMO, where a primary care provider directs all your care, a PPO allows you to select a primary care provider and specialist without a referral. A PPO is similar to a traditional "fee-for-service" health plan, but you must use doctors in the PPO network or pay higher co-insurance (percentage of charges). In a PPO health plan, you must meet an annual deductible before some benefits apply. You are responsible for a specific co-insurance amount, and the health plan pays the balance up to the allowable amount.

When you use a non-participating provider you are responsible for any charges above the amount allowed.

Anthem Blue Cross (PERS Platinum, PERS Gold)

PORAC (Safety Members Only)

Contacting Your Health Plan

To obtain up-to-date contact information for the health plans, please refer to the CalPERS Health Benefit Summary below or go to CalPERS On-Line at Contact your health plan with questions about identification cards, verification of provider participation, service area boundaries (covered ZIP Codes) or Individual Conversion Policies. Your plan benefits, deductibles, limitations, and exclusions are outlined in your health plan's Evidence of Coverage booklet. You can obtain the Evidence of Coverage by contacting your health plan directly.

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Employee Assistance Plan

Life sometimes gets the better of us and we need help getting through, whether it is a big or small challenge. The City of Ontario offers all employees an Employee Assistance Plan through Cigna. Every employee and their household members have access to counselors/therapists through the Cigna network for 10 counseling session per incident per year. EAP is confidential and you are the only one who knows you are utilizing the services. The City does not receive a bill for your services.

EAP has a wide range of other services they provide as well:

  • Legal assistance
  • Financial
  • Parenting
  • Eldercare
  • And more!

Contact your Cigna EAP at (877) 622-4327 or visit for confidential services today!

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Life Insurance

As a newly hired employee, Cigna offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of electing supplemental portable life insurance without medical evidence. Cigna will approve a one-time election in increments of $20,000 up to the lesser of two times an annual salary of $160,000, with no medical evidence required. This offer excludes those previously denied Cigna Supplemental Portable Life under this policy.

During the annual open enrollment, all employees can elect an additional $10,000 of supplemental portable life for their spouse or domestic partner with no medical evidence required. In addition, employees with a current portable life insurance policy can increase their coverage by $20,000 without evidence of insurability.

After open enrollment, employees with a current portable life insurance policy can increase their coverage in increments of $20,000 by submitting an application and evidence of insurability. Any increase to spousal coverage will require evidence of insurability.

The life insurance application and evidence of insurability are available for download at the bottom of the page.

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Vision Benefits

Vision Service Plan 

Vision care is just as important as medical care. The eyes can be key to identifying other health-related issues you may have. The City of Ontario offers two vision options to choose from. With the VSP Basic option, each member is allowed a vision exam every 12 months and frames and lenses every 24 months. The VSP Buy-Up option allows a vision exam, frames, and lenses every 12 months.

Features VSP Basic VSP Buy Up
Well Vision Eye Exam $20 Copay every 12 months $10 Copay Every 12 Months
Lenses Free every 24 months Free every 12 months
Frames $120 allowance every 24 months, plus 20% savings over your allowance $170 allowance every 12 months, plus 20% savings over your allowance
Contact Lenses Up to $60 copay for contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation); $120 allowance every 24 months Up to $60 copay for contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation); $150 allowance every 12 months

VSP offers extra discounts on out-of-pocket costs. You will receive, on average, 20% on non-covered lens options and additional glasses and sunglasses, including lens options from any VSP doctor within 12 months of your last WellVision Exam.

VSP offers a discount on Laser Vision Correction. The discount is an average of 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price. The discounts are only available from contracted facilities. After surgery, you may use your frame allowance (if eligible) for sunglasses from any VSP doctor. If you visit a non-VSP provider, your benefit may be reduced. Before seeing a non-VSP provider, call VSP at 1-800-877-7195 for more information and details.

Important information about 2023 vision insurance:

  • Use your annual frame allowance toward ready to wear, non-prescription sunglasses from a VSP provider.

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Leave of Absence


Please download and read the PDF below on how to report a Leave of Absence including:

  • FMLA
  • CFRA
  • PDL
  • Military Leave
  • Short-term Disability Leave

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The City of Ontario participates in CalPERS retirement plans. Visit for information.


Deferred Compensation Plans

A 457 Deferred Compensation Plan is a supplemental retirement savings program that allows City of Ontario employees to make contributions on a pre-tax basis.  

Benefits of participating in a 457 plan include the following: 

  • Reduce your current income taxes while investing in your retirement 
  • This program is available to all eligible employees 
  • Part-time employees contribute in lieu of paying Social Security 
  • IRS maximum amount for 2023 is $22,500 with an additional amount of $7,500 for employees 50 or older ($30,000 total for 2023) 

The City contributes to a 401(a) plan for all full time eligible employees. Please refer to each MOU for contribution.

For questions on your retirement plan or investments, please visit Voya Retirement Plans. You may also contact the City’s Voya representative:

Bob Tan, Financial Advisor

(909) 798-7862


The City also contributes to a 401(a) plan for all full time eligible employees. Please refer to to applicable MOU or Compensation and Benefits Profile for additional information. 

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