February 05, 2019

Ontario, CA – The Ontario Municipal Utilities Company is offering federal employees impacted by the 35-day government shutdown a utility bill deferral. They will have the opportunity to defer utility bill payments without penalty for the current amount due up to two billing cycles from the original bill due date. All collection and late fee activities will be postponed for workers impacted by the government shutdown.

Nationally, 800,000 federal employees have been impacted by the government shutdown with many missing two paychecks. The City of Ontario is helping federal employees affected by the shutdown.

“The government shutdown brought extreme hardship to many residents in our community. We have seen an outpouring of support for those impacted from our local unions, food pantries, Ontario International Airport and faith-based organizations,” said Mayor Paul S. Leon. “The City Council hopes to offer a bit of relief during this time of financial distress by guaranteeing water, sewer and trash services are not disrupted.”

In order to qualify you must:

  • Notify the billing department by contacting the Ontario Municipal Utilities Company (OMUC) customer service (909) 395-2050
  • Be a federal employee and provide evidence of employment by submitting pay stubs, your federal government ID, or notifications from the federal government
  • Provide documentation of your furlough status

To find out more about the bill deferment, furloughed federal employees can contact OMUC’s customer service representatives at (909) 395-2050. OMUC is committed to providing quality work and exceptional customer service to the residents and of Ontario.

Additional information will be featured the City of Ontario website and social media platforms. To learn more about this program or the many others the City offers, visit or call (909) 395-2050.

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