Schimmel Dog Park

Schimmel Park
Schimmel Dog Park
Schimmel Dog Park
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950 N. Cucamonga Avenue
Ontario, CA 91764
United States

Schimmel Dog Park is located within John Galvin Park


  • Benches
  • Large Dog Area - Canine Castle, Arch Runways, Natural Logs and Jumping Bar
  • Picnic Benches
  • Separate Small Dog Area - 3700 sf (DG)
  • Separate Large Dog Area – 9700 sf (DG)
  • Separate Adult and Dog Fountains
  • Small Dog Area - Dog Ramp and Natural Logs



About Schimmel Dog Park:

Located on the corner of Cucamonga Avenue and I Street. The dog park was constructed in 2016 and opened on May 21, 2016. The park name is in dedication to police service dog, “Ex” Von der Schimmel – Schultz Heide, who was shot and killed protecting his handler, Corporal Ernie Dorame, while assisting patrol officers in search for an armed suspect that was firing shots in a residential area of the City.  Due to Ex’s sacrifice, it lead to the capture of the armed gunman and also prevented him from shooting Dorame and other members of the patrol team.