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May 5, 2022

May is National Bicycle Safety Month, and the Ontario Police Department reminds drivers to follow the speed limit and look out for people on bike rides.

“The days are longer, and the weather is pleasant, making for ideal conditions to go on a bike ride,” Ontario Police Chief Mike Lorenz said. “Drivers, please share the road so we may all get places safely.”

To help keep people biking or walking safe, the Ontario Police Department will conduct a traffic safety operation “throughout the month” focused on the most dangerous driver behaviors such as speeding, making… Read More

May 3, 2022

During May’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, the Ontario Police Department reminds drivers to always look twice for motorcycles.

“Motorcycles may be difficult to spot, so being extra careful before changing lanes is always good practice,” Ontario Police Chief Mike Lorenz said. “Motorcycle riders are out in the elements and do not have the same protections drivers and passengers do. Please share the road with motorcycles and drive safe.”

To help protect you and your family, keep the following tips in mind while driving or riding: Drivers

April 29, 2022

The Ontario Police Department has arrested suspect Jacob Juarez, who is believed to be responsible for a homicide that occurred in the 1100 block of West Brooks Street.

On April 23, 2022, at approximately 6:13 PM, officers from the Ontario Police Department responded to the 1100 block of West Brooks Street reference the report of shots heard. Upon arrival, officers discovered an unresponsive male laying in the street with an apparent gunshot wound. The victim succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene by the Ontario Fire Department.

The… Read More

April 14, 2022

Ontario Police arrested two suspects caught in the act of a residential burglary.

On April 13, 2022, at 7:47 PM, Ontario Police Dispatch received a 911 call from a resident who advised two suspects were attempting to enter the rear door of her home in the 3300 block of S. Primrose Drive. The victim caught the suspects on her home surveillance cameras.

Ontario Police Officers immediately responded and spotted two male suspects fleeing the location. With the assistance of the Ontario Police Air Unit, officers located both suspects as they fled and hid from police.… Read More

April 13, 2022

Ontario Police are seeking the public’s assistance in solving a string of residential burglaries.

Over the last several weeks, Ontario Police have received multiple reports of residential burglaries with similar circumstances. The suspects have primarily targeted homes within the area of Vineyard Avenue to Haven Avenue and Riverside Drive to Merrill Street. The suspects typically enter residences through rear windows or doors. In most cases, the residents were not home at the time of the incident. Homes that back up to a street have been victimized more often.

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April 12, 2022

ONTARIO - Ontario Police served search warrants at three different homes in the same neighborhood resulting in the seizure of thousands of marijuana plants.

On April 12, 2022, Ontario Police Officers served search warrants at two homes in the 4100 block of S. Canal Way and one home in the 2900 block of E. Grafton Street. The warrants resulted in the seizure of 2650 marijuana plants. Each of the homes were vacant at the time police arrived and no arrests have been made.

Upon entering one home, a large gas leak was discovered which threatened the safety of our… Read More